Holiday Gift & Entertaining Guide

Explore 100+ Locally Made Products for your Holiday Gift-Giving and Entertaining Needs!
Le Marche St. Norbert Farmers’ Market is a “Make it, Bake it, Grow it” Market.
All products are produced with love by the maker or producer.

*Not all vendors are guaranteed to be attending market days. 
*Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the products, some items may not be available. 
*Shoppers are welcome to reach out to vendors directly. 

1. Pure Essential Oil Natural
Bathala Scents
$19.98 Head Ease, 10ml
$16.00 Cleanse & Energize, 10ml

2. Lemon Poppyseed Bar
Vintage Blends
$6.00 ea. (4 for $22.00 Mix
& Match)) 

3. Felted Wool Scarf
Seine River Shepherds
$30.00 ea.

4. Slouch Toque Made of
Soft Acrylic Yarn
Mya Papaya
$30.00 ea. (Removable
Pom Pom)

5. Solid Silver Cedar Bunch
Redd Line Jewellery
$75.00 ea.

6. Gift Tag
Cards by Norma
$2.00 Pkg. of 3

7. Solid Wood Crokinole
Board – 26” Playing Surface
VBS Furniture
$275.00 – $295.00 ea.
(No Engraving)
$297.00 – $320.00 ea.
(Engraved Boards)
Available in
All boards include 26 playing

8. *Previous Page: Hand-
painted Manitoba Wooden Sign
Coco Kisses Designs
$16.00 ea. 6” x 6” x 2”

1. Soup Spoon Handle
Pendant with 8mm Jasper
Through Glass Images
$20.00 ea. Incl. 32” chain
(other chain length options

2. Reusable Gift Bag
Astrifer & Co.
$8.00 ea. Sm.
$11.00 ea. Med.
$14.00 ea. Lg.

3. Scrunchie
Astifer & Co.
$5.00 ea.

4. White Shearling Polar
Bear Backpack Purse
jojo bags
$44.00 ea.

5. Knitter’s Balm
The Last Dance Ranch
$10.00 ea. 15g

6. Icelandic Wool Worsted
Weight Handspun 2 Ply Yarn
The Last Dance Ranch
$35.00 100g/Approx. 170m

7. Raise the Bar Milk
Jacked up Jill Coffee
$9.00 ea. 100g

8. “Christmas Eve” Soy
Amour Soy Candle
$45.00 ea. 14 oz (2 for
$80.00) Up to 70 Hrs burn

1. Peppermint & Eucalyptus
Shower Steamer
Prairie City Soap
$12.00 Pkg. of 3, 75g

2. Blanket of Warmth Bath Salts
Prairie City Soap
$8.00 275g

3. Peppermint Tea Tree
Foot Pumice
Belvidere Soap Company
$8.00 135g

4. Solid Lotion Foot Balm
Belvidere Soap Company
$12.00 60g

5. Dead Sea Clay
Vintage Blends
$8.00 25g

6. Facial Toner
Vintage Blends
$8.00 25ml

7. Reusable Terry Facial
Astrifer & Co
$10.00 Pkg. of 10

8. Whipped Lotion “White
Rose & Rebel Skincare
$17.00 8oz

1. Pig Ear Dog Treat
Miss Kleos Pet Treats
$2.50 ea.

2. Tripe Twist Dog Treat
Miss Kleos Pet Treats
$5.00 ea.

3. Bully Ring Dog Treat
Miss Kleos Pet Treats
$15.00 ea.

4. Pup Pillow
3 Ants & Anise
$25.00 ea. (14” x 14”)

5. Sterling Silver Dog Bone
Stud Earrings
Redd Line Jewellery
$30.00 ea.

6. Bison Liver
Miss Kleos Pet Treats
$11.99 100g

7. Wood Burned Paw Print
Sue’s Art Photography
$8.00 ea. (2 for $15.00)

8. Hand-Drawn Greeting
Card – Miss Whimsy
3 Ants & Anise
$4.00 ea

1. Hand-Cut & Painted
Wooden Animals
3 Ants & Anise
$5.00 ea. Sm.
$6.00 ea. Lg.

2. Felted Wool Booties
Seine River Shepherds
$25.00 ea.

3. Soft & Plush Whale
Mya Papaya
$30.00 ea. Size Lg. Machine

4. Dino Tic-Tac-Toe
MH Wood Fire & Metal
$15.00 ea.

5. Romper with Silicone
Teething Ring
Stell ‘n Pop
$43.00 ea.
95% Cotton/ 5% Lycra

6. 4-Panel Teepee with
Natural Bamboo Poles & Front Zipper. Durable Fabric for the Home
Stell ‘n Pop
$150.00 ea. Approx. 42in

1. Mint Solstice Tea
Northstar Tea Co.
$9.50 47g

2. Hand-Carved Cherry
Wooden Spoon
Salvaged Earth Designs
$23.00 ea.

3. Lemon Poppy Seed
Shortbread Cookies
Nosh on This
$10.00 Pkg. of 6

4. Barrel Mug
Michael Lemer Pottery
$28.00 ea.

5. Raw Clover Honey
Phil’s Honey
$3.00 225g

1. S’mores Cupcake
(GF/Vegan options available.
Nut Free)
Callie K Cupcakes
$3.50 ea. (6 for $18.00)

2. Oreo Hot Chocolate
Madame Sucre
$8.00 ea.

3. Lemon Poppy Seed
Shortbread Cookies
Nosh on This
$10.00 Pkg. of 6

4. Madeleine
La Crêperie Ker Breizh
$7.00 Pkg. of 7 Assorted

5. White Almond Bark
Jade Chocolates
$8.99 5oz.Pkg.

6. Butter Tart Mini Pie
Amanda Lynn Gluten-Free
$3.00 ea. (9 for $24.00)

1. Paksong Laos Organic
Coffee Whole Bean Roast
Savan Coffee Bean
$11.00 225g

2. Caramel Au Beurre Salé
La Crêperie Ker Breizh
$9.00 250ml

3. Wild Blueberry Jam
Wild Blueberries
$8.00 250ml

4. Large Organic Eggs
Nature’s Farm
$16.00 Pkg of 30

5. Assiniboine River Cereal
Amber Quinoa, Steel Cut
Oats, Flax
Prairie Quinoa
$8.00 700g

6. Almond Croissant
Old Church Bakery
$4.50 ea.

7. Glitter Not Bitter Holiday
Blend Medium Roast
Jacked up Jill Coffee
$22.00 454g

8. Free Range Heritage Pork
Side Bacon
Zinn Farms
$12.50 /lb

9. The Brunch Punch
Angel’s Share Cocktail Co.
$14.00 ea. 237ml (4 for $50.00)

Nothing brings people together like good food and you don’t have to go far to find it here in Manitoba!

28 of our vendors have come together to help us create a 100% local, 100% St. Norbert Farmers’ Market charcuterie board.

We invited the vibrant local business, Sharecuterie to join us at the market and put together our
charcuterie board. With such a talent and an avid appreciation for supporting other local businesses,
Sharecuterie was a perfect fit. We would like to thank Cassandra (owner/operator of Sharecuterie) for being a part of this collaboration.

Support and enjoy local this holiday season!

For Full List of Participating Vendors, Please See Below.
*Some products only available seasonally


Participating Vendors

1. Pico de Gallo with Scotch
Arepa’s House
$10.00 ea. 5oz

2. Pickled Pain
$10.00 ea. 5oz

3. Fermented Hot Sauce
Ferment for You
$11.00 ea. 145ml

4. Jalapeño Coney Island
Fat Iguana Kitchen
$7.99 ea. 5oz

5. Hot-Hot-Habanero
Wild Blueberries
$7.00 ea. 5oz

6. Hot Pepper Sauce
Blue Lagoon Organics
$9.75 ea. 12oz

1. Strawberry Rhubarb Wine
Shrugging Doctor
$17.85 750g

2. Country Fireside
Metheglin Honey Wine
Bee Boyzz Winery & Meadery
$17.99 750ml

3. Winter Cranberry – Spiced
Cranberry Carbonated Craft Mead
Bee Boyzz Winery &
$3.88 ea. 355ml

4. Handcrafted Hard Cider
Dead Horse Cider Co.
$3.98 ea.
$15.75 Variety 4-Pack
Far from the Tree, Bright
Cider, Feelin’ Fineapple,
Cherry On

5. Ready-to-Serve Cocktail
Gift Box
Patent 5
$49.95 Pkg. of 3, 200ml
Elattaria Old Fashioned,
Pornstar Martini, Rhubarb &
Rosemary Gimlet

6. Liqueur Gift Box
Patent 5
$49.95 Pkg. of 3, 200ml
Limoncello, Coffee Liqueur &
Chokecherry Liqueur

*Must be 18 years of age or
older to purchase!

Flavor Profile: Pineapple + Raspberry + Lime
Pairs With: Rum + Champagne

What you will need:
6oz Rum
1 x 237ml Bottle of Angel’s Share Cocktail Mix
3oz Soda Water
3oz Sparkling Wine

Combine Rum with one bottle of Snowbird Punch in a large mixing glass filled with ice.
Stir to chill and dilute. Top with Soda Water and Sparkling Wine

“We wanted to create a tropical punch that would give us the vacation we want but can’t have.
So, we combined pineapple, lime and raspberries for a tart, not too sweet delicious punch. Since we were thinking vacations, we thought of the snowbirds and because this punch features a lovely red color, we also thought of the Snowbirds (the plane) and loved the nod to a significant piece of Canadiana. Pairing with Rum and finished with Champagne, this is the vacation you want when the snow is flying! Your true cocktail awaits.”

~Angel’s Share Cocktail Co.

The Snowbird Punch
Angel’s Share Cocktail Co.
$14.00 ea. 237ml (4 for $50.00)

1. Acai Cheese Board
MH Wood Fire & Metal
$80.00 ea.

2. Candy Cane Castile Liquid
Hand Soap
Naturally Powerful
$11.00 ea. 16oz (2 for

3. Spicy Rhubarb Pickle
Jaya’s Preserves
$12.00 250ml

4. Tortilla Soup Fiesta
The Stak Co.
$10.00 321g 6-8 Servings

5. Coffee Variety Gift Box
Jacked up Jill Coffee
$48.00 Pkg. of 6, 100g
Ground or Whole Bean

6. Handwoven Fringed,
Alpaca, Wool & Silk Table
The Last Dance Ranch
$125.00 ea. 58” x 12”

7. Handwoven Icelandic
Wool Coasters
The Last Dance Ranch
$22.00 Set of 4

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