2023 Holiday Gift & Entertaining Guide

Discover hundreds of locally-grown & handmade products from Manitoba, for all of your Gift-Giving and Holiday Celebrations this season!

Le Marché St. Norbert Farmers’ Market is where we “Make it, Bake it, Grow it” for you!
All products are produced with love by the maker or grower, because Local Lives Here.

Here are the ways to explore, shop & connect:

  1. Visit our vendors every Saturday in St. Norbert from 10 am – 2 pm
  2. Contact businesses directly using the embedded links
  3. *Check our weekly vendor list posted Fridays for vendor attendance & product availability. As some products are ‘one-of-a-kind’, exact items may not be available as pictured and pricing is subject to change / taxes may apply.

A candlelit feast is not just a meal, it is a celebration of community where every element – from the flicker of the flame to locally woven linens – invites you to savour the richness of our region all at a reasonable price from people you know.

Gather, dine, and relish in the glow of a truly local and luminous experience.

Scroll a little further find food, nourishment and stories from our canopy to your table this winter!

1. Cotton & Linen Tea Towels
The Last Dance Ranch
$30.00 each or $60.00 / pair

2. Stainless Steel, Chrome Plated, Corian® Handle Measuring Cups
Handmade Pens and Much More
$49.00 each

3. Stainless Steel, Chrome Plated, Corian® Handle Measuring Cups
Handmade Pens and Much More
$48.00 each

4. Ceramic Barrel Mug
Michael Lemer Pottery
$28.00 each

5. Bowl Cozy
Homemade Creations by Pat
$10.00 each

6. Maple Serving Spoon & Spatula
Salvaged Earth Designs
Spoon (left) $32.00 each
Spatula (right) $37.00 each

7. Ceramic Crystalline Bowl
Allan Phillips Potter
$77.00 each

1. Veggie Scrubber and Cake Tester Kitchen Accessories Set
Prairie Breeze Folk Art Studio
$20.00 each

2. Miniature Wooden Spoons
Salvaged Earth Designs
$16.00 each or $30.00 / pair

3. Wheel-Thrown, Carved Garlic Keeper
Gabe’s Pottery
$35.00 each

4. Wooden Fractal Burning and Epoxy, 6-Piece Coaster Set
MH Wood Fire & Metal
$25.00 / set

5. Wool Felted Pan Handle Cover
Ferme Fiola Farm
$30.00 each

6. Live-Edge Elm Lazy Susan
Woodworks by C Tascona
$90.00 each
(average diameter 12″ – 14″)

1. Macramé Gnome Ornament
Ancient Tournesol
$10.00 each

2. Esplanade Riel To St. Boniface Art Print
Guy St. Godard Art Studio
$18.00 each or $45.00 for 3x (mix & match)

3. Lathed Cork Pen
Handmade Pens and Much More
$23.00 each

4. Beeswax Evergreen Tree Candle Set
Phil’s Honey
$7.00 / pair

5. Gluten-Free, Vegan, Tortilla Soup Fiesta and Loco Burrito Meal Kit
The Stak Co.
$20.00 / pair (321g and
6-8 servings)

6. Cosmic Natural Perfume Oil
Spell House
$40.00 each (30ml)

7. Baseball Board Game With Game Pieces & Pouch
Vernon Bruce Designs
$55.00 each

1. Knitted Socks 
Astrifer and Co.
$25.00 each (size adult medium)

2. Knitted Toque 
Astrifer and Co.
$25.00 each

3. Blade-Style Pendant Made From Canadian 1950s Era 50¢ Silver Coin
Folding Money Coin Rings
$150.00 with cord, or $200.00 with sterling silver chain

4. Merry Christmas Gift Tags
Design de Papier
$12.00 for 12-pack

5. Canadian Sterling Silver & Cubic Zirconia Ring Set 
Redd Line Jewellery
$150.00 / set

6. Second Chances Paperback
Harriet Zaidman
$15.00 each

 7. 5″x 7″ Photography Print, Double 8″x10″ Mat
Marc Gilbert Photography
$22.00 each or $36.00 for 2x

8. Swarovski Crystal & Pearl Necklace and Earring Set
Gewellery by Gina
$45.00 / set

1. Paksong Laos, Organic, Single-Serve Drip Coffee
Savan Coffee Bean
$2.00 each

2. Trivia Mix: Manitoba Card Game
Glass Jar Games
$20.00 each

3. Rasberry Cream Lip Balm
Rose & Rebel Skincare
$4.00 each

4. All Dressed Bagel Seasoning
Hudson Bagels
$6.00 each

5. Honey Bourbon Kentucky
BBQ Sauce

Fat Iguana Chefs Kitchen
$10.99 each (375ml)

6. Mama B’s Jamaican Jerk Seasoning
Mama B’s Jamaican Patties
$10.00 ea. 450ml

7. Good Vibes Hand-Dipped Natural Incense  
Spell House
$22.00 for 21 sticks

8. Natural Perfume Oil
Sample Pack

Spell House
$20.00 for 4 pack

1. Traditional Brigadeiro Box
Madame Sucré Bakery
$18.00 / pack

2. Royal-Iced Festive Sugar Cookie
Sweet Bits By Janet
$3.00 each or $30.00 / dozen

3. Nut-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan (optional) Churro Cupcake
Callie K Cupcakes
$3.50 each or $18.00 for 6x

1. Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Pistachio Rose Biscotti
Nosh On This
$10.00 for 3x

2. Glitter Not Bitter Holiday
Blend Medium Roast
Coffee Beans
Jacked Up Jill Coffee
$22.00 each (454g)

3. Hot Chocolate Bomb
Jade Chocolates
$5.99 each

4. Lemon Creamed Honey
Bee Boyzz Honey & Meadery Inc.
$8.00 each (300g) or $30.00 for 4x

5. Peppermint Stick Tea
Northstar Tea Co.
$9.50 each (47g) or $27.00 for 3x

6. Paksong Laos Organic, Single-Serve Drip Coffee
Savan Coffee Bean
$11.00 for 10-pack

1. Citrus Sampler Shower Steamers
Belvidere Soap Company
$25.00 for six or $48 for dozen

2. Lavender Lemon Whipped Lotion
Rose & Rebel Skincare
$17.00 each (8oz)

3. Lavender Bath Salts
Vintage Blends Aromatherapy
$15.00 each (with satchet add $3.00)

4. Soy Wax Candle
Amour Soy Candle Inc.
$45.00 each or $80.00 /pair (14oz. burns up to 70 hours)

5. Absolute Oil & All-In-One Aloe Hair Care Set
Hair Goals
$48.00 / set

6. Pearl Barley, Cotton Encased Eye Pillow
One Cozy Cactus
$13.00 each

7. Chai Tea Pure Essential
Diffusing Oil
Vintage Blends Aromatherapy
$15.00 each (5ml)

1. Natural Beeswax Skin Cream
Bee Natural
$17.00 each or $45.00 / 3x $45.00) (30ml)

2. Fresh Raw Honey
Phil’s Honey
$9.50 each (750g)

3. 24k Gold-Coated, Silver Bee Pendant On Sterling Silver Chain
Redd Line Jewellery
$45.00 each

4. Natural Beeswax Candles
Bee Natural
$21.00 (large) or $15.00 (small)

5. Ceramic Bumble Bee Tumbler
Gabe’s Pottery
$35.00 each

6. Honeybee Greeting Card
Sue’s Art Photography
$4.00 each

7. Sparkling Honey Iced Tea
Bee Boyzz Honey & Meadery Inc.
$2.99 each (350ml)

1. 5″x 5″ Pet Portrait
Greeting Card
3 Ants & Anise
$4.00 each or $11.00 for 3x

2. Wool Bird Sculpture
Little Wing Odd Birds
$25.00 each

3. Apple Pumpkin Trainer Pet Treats
Barks & Butter
$5.00 each or $14.00 for 3x

4. Fresh Baked Dog Treats
Snack Box
Barks & Butter
$5.00 each or $14.00 for 3x

5. 12 Days of Christmas Dog Treat Sampler
Barks & Butter
$12.50 each

6. Dog Days Of Chrismutts
Natural Pet Treat Advent Calendar
Miss Kleos Pet Treats
$39.99 each

7. Wood Burnt Tabby Cat Frame for 5″ x 7″ Print
Sue’s Art Photography
$20.00 each

8. Cat Print Change Purse
 jojo bags
$10.00 each

9. Cat Print Tablet Clutch
jojo bags
$24.00 each

1. Tub of Cotton Candy
Apple Box Photo Booth
$10.00 each

2. Seconds Left Card Game For Kids
Glass Jar Games
$20.00 each

3. Preshrunk, Double- Gauze Cotton Sunsuit
Stell ‘n Pop
$38.00 each

4. Wooden Animal Toys
3 Ants & Anise
$5.00 each (small) or $6.00 each (large)

5. Story Time Gnome
My Little Sewing Room
$25.00 each

1. Beeswax
Globe Candle
Bee Natural
$18.00 each

2. Wooden Cribbage Board With Drawstring Bag and Game Pieces
Vernon Bruce Designs
$55.00 each ($85.00 with in-board peg storage)

3. Natural Soap To Go
Solid Hand Soap
Vintage Blends Aromatherapy
$10.00 each

4. Water Resistant Travel Accessory/Snack Bag
Stell ‘n Pop
$10.00 each

5. Macramé Key Ring
$5.00 each

6. Zoe Bag with Front Pouch & Back Pocket
jojo bags
$34.00 each

7. Zoe Coordinating Change Purse
 jojo bags
$10.00 each

1. Wine Variety Gift Box
Shrugging Doctor Beverage Company
$52.00 / three 750ml bottles

2. Gin Variety Gift Box
Patent 5 Distillery
$49.95 / three 200ml bottles

3. Sangria Lip Balm
Rose & Rebel Skincare
$4.00 each

4. Wonder Sangria
Shrugging Doctor Beverage Company
$20.00 / four 473ml cans

5. Hard Cider Variety Pack
Dead Horse Cider Co.
$16.99 / four 355ml cans

6. Winter Cranberry Carbonated Craft Mead
Bee Boyzz Honey & Meadery Inc
$16.80 / four 355ml cans

7. Wooden Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener
Vernon Bruce Designs
$35.00 each

Still can’t decide on the perfect gift? Let your loved ones choose with a market gift card redeemable in person with any vendor at Le Marché St. Norbert Farmers’ Market.

 Purchase Gift Cards Here

This season, let colourful place settings, one-of-a-kind goods and seasonal spirits bring an artisanal touch to your intimate brunches or holiday family feasts.

Celebrate the winter with dishes spotlighting our region’s bounty – imagine succulent pasture-raised proteins, vibrant cold-hearty vegetables and aromatic herbs stirring your tastebuds. Find affordable, new and old country foods when we share our stories and traditions with you from our fields to your table.

You’ll find it all here, every Saturday, year-round! 

Procure mouthwatering, pasture-raised meats from:

Blue Lagoon Organics Farm, Manitoba Beef, Wildfire Farms, Zinn Farms, Ridgeland Aqua, Storsley Bison Ranch, Ferme Fiola Farm

Find a rainbow of fresh root vegetables, squash and herbs all winter long with:

Blue Lagoon Organics Farm, ET Farms, Fertile Farms, Almost Urban Vegetables, Cal’s Crops, Purps’ Produce, Snowland Vegetables, Slow River Gardens

Mmm Amuse-bouche appetizers like samosas, taquitos, perogies and hand pies from:

Barb’s Kitchen, Momma Helens, Pembina Valley Pasta, Dutch Country Pretzels, Mama B’s Jamaican Patties, Simba Safari Grill & more!

Pick up home-grown honey, organic dairy and eggs with:

Phil’s Honey, Blue Lagoon Organics Farm, Nature’s Farm, Bee Boyzz Honey & Meadery, Stoney Brook Creamery,  Reger Honey

Hone your knives at:

Market Sharpening Company

1. Orange Litsea Solid Dish Soap
Belvidere Soap Company
$12.00 each or $33.00 for 3x (add scrub brush $8.00)

2. Crocheted Loop Tea Towel 
ET Farms
$10.00 each

3. Calm Mist Soothing Face, Body and Room Spray
The Last Dance Ranch
$60.00 each (100ml)

4. Tampico Whisk
Prairie Breeze Folk Art Studio
$20.00 each

5. Glass Soap Bottle With
Steel Pump
Naturally Powerful
$15.00 each (soap sold separately)

6. Tea Tree Castile Liquid
Hand Soap

Naturally Powerful
$18.00 each (1L refill)

1. Wheat, Nut & GMO-Free Chocolate Chunk Granola
Nature’s Farm
$8.00 each (300g)

2. 36% Organic Whipping Cream
Stoney Brook Creamery
$6.00 each (355ml)

3. Whole or 1% Organic Milk
Stoney Brook Creamery
$4.00 each (946ml)

4. Caramel Au Beurre Salé
La Crêperie Ker Breizh
$9.00 each (250ml)

5. Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant
Old Church Bakery
$4.50 each

6. Miinan Wild Blueberry Syrup
Wild Blueberries
$12.00 each (250ml)

7. Cinnamon Toast Breakfast Mix
Seriously Oats
$19.99 each (450g)

8. Gluten-Free Assiniboine River Hot Cereal
Prairie Quinoa
$8.00 each (700g) or $15.00 for 2x

9. Hudson All Dressed Bagel
Hudson Bagels
$9.00 for 6-pack

10. Bacon & Good Chives Only Cream Cheese Spread
Hudson Bagels
$10.00 each or $15.00 for 2x

1. Mango Berry Fruit Jerky
Food for Folks
$6.75 each (100g)

2. Biltong Beef Jerky, Chillibites and Beef Sticks
A Taste of Africa
$8.75 each (80g), $17.00 for 2x or $25.00 for 3x

3. Indian Style Carrot Pickle Condiment
Jaya’s Preserves
$10.00 each (250ml)

4. Salvadoran Curdito Kraut 
Ferment For You
$12.00 each or $34.00 for 3x

5. Doce De Leite Brazilian Milk Fudge Spread
Unique Brazilian Dairy
$10.00 each (266ml)

6. Ginger Hibiscus Zobo Beverage
Zealord Zobo
$5.00 each (355ml) or $22.50 for 5x

7. Garlic Herb Bagel Chips
Hudson Bagels
$8.00 each

8. Sweet Zucchini Relish
Grammie’s Jams, Jellies and Preserves
$10.00 each (375ml)

1. Poppy Seed Bun
Golden Grain Bakery
$4.00 each or $10.00 for 3x

2. Cranberry Mini Bannock
Wild Blueberries
$4.00 each

3. Classic Prune With Rum Vinarterta
Kyle’s Icelandic Vinarterta
$14.00 each (add almond icing $5.00)

4. Vegan, Gluten-Free Ginger Snaps
Nosh On This
$2.00 each

5. Gluten-Free, Dairy Free Pistachio Rose Biscotti
Nosh On This
$10.00 for 3-pack

6. Snowman Imperial Cookies
Sweet Bits By Janet
$3.00 each or $30.00 for a dozen

7. Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant
Old Church Bakery
$4.50 each

8. Gluten-Free, Vegan, Chocolate Chip Blondie
Amanda Lynn Gluten Free
$8.00 each

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