3 Reasons to Shop Local Made In Manitoba

When you stroll through the aisles at St. Norbert Farmers’ Market every Saturday, you are doing more than just checking off your weekly shopping list. Here’s our top three personal reasons why we love to shop local:

1. Saving moolah:

When you purchase local foods for supper, you can follow a seasonal diet, which is often more economical. When transportation costs, distribution fees and grocery store prices continue to rise, local food isn’t as susceptible to inflationary costs and rollercoaster pricing therefore it’s often the same price (if not cheaper!) than you realize, especially for foods grown as organic or free-run. At Le Marché St. Norbert Farmers’ Market, you’ll find vegetables, meat, honey, eggs, grains, dairy and so many affordable foods YEAR-ROUND.

2. Fresh = flavour:

Ever tried frost-sweetened carrots, or tomatoes that have been sun-ripened right on the vine? You don’t find these tastes in a grocery store. When you buy local foods, they taste so much more flavourful! That’s because local food is fresh, and that means more nutrients and flavour for you. Your food will be picked from the field when ripe so it can develop its pique potential. Ask your farmer what new flavours you can try this Saturday!

3. Local foods are safe to eat:

At St. Norbert Farmers’ Market the person you are buying from is the owner and operator of the farm and involved in 100% of the growing process. Buying fresh food right from a farmer generates a safer food supply system because you can know exactly how that particular food is produced. Le Marché St. Norbert Farmers’ Market inspects every food producer to ensure the proprietor “Makes, Bakes and Grows” 100% of the

products in their booth. In addition, local farms and food producers are inspected by MB Health and MB Agriculture and have lower risk of large scale food contamination simply by avoiding mass production.

There are so many more benefits to buying local foods. What personal motivations do you have for shopping local? Tell us at info@stnorbertfarmersmarket.ca and sign up for our newsletter to read more!

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