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Wendy Vincent, Winnipeg.

Vintage Blends Aromatherapy

Wendy has been studying Aromatherapy for the past three years out of the Westcoast Institute of Aromatherapy in BC. She has always been interested in alternative forms of healing. When Wendy began to have trouble sleeping, she started to make “Sleep Pillows” which are small wallet sized pillows, filled with various aromatherapy products that are placed inside your pillow case to induce sleep. She found that they really worked and her product line grew from there! EVERYTHING at Vintage Blends Aromatherapy is made from scratch and if you can’t make it to the market, she also takes orders! She can be reached by email at or by phone at (204) 475-1799.

Products: Soaps, face cream, foot cream, body balm, bath salts, lip balms, bath balms, “Sleep Pillows”, natural, and pure essential oils available upon request. Baby soap available and a full line of baby products coming soon.