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Lori and Christopher Redd, Winnipeg.

Redd Line Jewellery

Christopher & Lori Redd have been designing and creating their jewellery for 25 years.  They make everything they sell using the highest quality metals, safe & local materials, and eco-friendly processes. The gemstones that Christopher hand cuts and polishes come from all over the world and are absolutely CONFLICT FREE! Their product is made with integrity and is safe to wear. Christopher is also an experienced Goldsmith & Silversmith. He works with Canadian Diamonds & Precious gems. Their business offers custom design, re-design of previously worn gold, repair work, and CAD. They have many unique pieces and they really have something for everyone! You can also find their product in their studio at 725 St. Mary’s RD 204-253-6849

Products: Hand made rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, gemstones, toe rings, and anklets