Winter Market – Biweekly Saturdays - November 4, 2017 to May 12, 2018 10 am to 1:00 pm
Saturdays, May 19, 2018 to October 27, 2018 – 8:00 am to 3:00 pm
Wednesdays, May 23, 2018 to September 26, 2018 – 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Farmers’ Festival 2016






Full Workshop and Demo Details!

Fermenting Basics – Edible Alchemy
Natalie of Edible Alchemy CoLaboratory demonstrates old school fermentation techniques for preserving vegetables. Fermentation is an energy efficient food preparation strategy that develops unique flavours and probiotics. Come learn more about this lost art!

Kombucha – Laura Reeves
Laura Reeves – “botanist and forager extraordinaire” (McNally Robinson Books) – shows you how to make wild kombucha (naturally fermented) teas using locally harvested wild edibles.

RollKuchen: A Mennonite Tradition – Barb’s Kitchen
A Mennonite summer tradition!  See – and taste! – how to make rollkuchen (also called Mennonite fritters), a delicious deep-fried dough that is always served with watermelon on a hot summer day.  Hear the story behind this tradition from Barb and Henry of Barb’s Kitchen while enjoying a sample, then take some rollkuchen home with you!

Pasta-Making By Hand – Nature’s Farm
Fun and simple, with a few tricks to make it perfect!, Watch Hermann from Nature’s Farm make pasta from scratch – by hand! – and explain the process step-by-step!!

Bringing Herbs Indoors and Getting The Most Out of Your Herb Garden – Dave Hanson, Sage Garden Herbs
He’s Manitoba’s herb expert, a long time St. Norbert Farmers’ Market vendor, and all-round nice guy … and he’ll be helping you figure out your herb garden every hour through the afternoon and evening!

Making Apple Butter – Judy Schwartz, Fruit Share

Have apples of any kind you need to use and want something tasty for those long winter months?  Come and see how easy it is to make and preserve apple butter. Samples will be available.

Carding and Spinning Wool – Joanne Seiff, Manitoba Fibre Festival
Want to learn more about how wool becomes yarn?  Join Joanne Seiff, representing the Manitoba Fibre Festival, as she demonstrates carding and hand spinning. Joanne will use Manitoba wool, hand cards, a spinning wheel and a spindle.  She’ll also answer your questions about how and why spinning is still popular and how our ancestors used fibre and twist to keep warm and fashionable. Touch wool from Manitoba sheep and learn more!

Knitting Skills – Donamae Hilton
Thought about knitting but don’t know how to start? Learn the basics from Donamae Hilton of DonaMADE, a long-time vendor of the market. Bring your own knitting needles and join the knitting circle!

Needle-Felting – Manitoba Fibre Festival
Sharon Gowryluk works magic with a simple felting needle, transforming unspun wool into sculptures and fanciful figures. Felting is an ancient technique used to make fabric and vessels. The modern craft of needle-felting opens up new possibilities for shapes and embellishments. Easy and fun to learn!

Indigo Dyeing – Manitoba Fibre Festival
Ash Alberg, a textile artist and natural dyer, demonstrates indigo dyeing on fabric and yarn; will offer short demos on how to prepare an indigo vat, and show some popular resist techniques to create patterns on fabric.

Growing Mushrooms at Home – Ken Fosty
Learn to grow shiitake mushrooms on oak logs!  Shiitake, meaning “mushroom of the shii or oak tree” are highly prized in the Orient, for their flavour and reputed medicinal value.  Ken Fosty, a certified arborist, has been teaching people traditional skills like mushroom-growing and collecting maple syrup for many years.

All About Organic – Jeanne Berard (J. Berard Gardens)
What makes certified organic vegetables unique? Hear about all of the steps that are involved with becoming, creating and maintaining a certified organic vegetable farm from a farmer who is familiar with both sides of production. Get to know some of the new organic vegetable varieties out there like sweet potatoes and heirloom potaotes and learn about how your can try out your own at home!

Dehydrating the Garden Bounty – Camille Metcalfe, Fruit Share
Always wanted to try out dehydrating but never knew how – or where! – to start? Camille Metcalfe of Fruit Share provides an overview of dehydrating everything under the sun – from vegetables to fruit to meat – using a dehydrator. Learn how to pre-treat, cut, dehydrate and store your favourite foods and discover some unusual but tasty flavour pairings while you’re at it!

Knife Skills 101 – The Sharpening Guy
Learn all about how to properly sharpen knives of any sorts! Bring your own knife for Reg Tucker – “The Sharpening Guy” – to sharpen (at cost) or watch his hourly knife-sharpening demos..

“The Secret Life of  Bees”- Reger Honey Farms
Ever wondered how a bee is so productive? Know the difference between the male bees and the female bees? Get up close with a real bee hive and learn all about how a bee creates honey. If you ask nicely, Peter Reger of Reger Honey Farms may even let you try on his bee-keeping suit!

Beeswax Birthday Candle-Making – Kristie Beynon
Get ready for the next party! Learn how to make birthday candles from scratch using local beeswax.

Goat’s Milk Caramels – Fenez Follies Farm
Watch Leanne cook up soft, buttery caramels from goat’s milk, butter, sugar and a little love! Review candy making basics and, of course…. there will be samples!

Goat’s Milk Soap Making – Fenez Follies Farm
Explore the art of soap making with a very simple recipe using the cold pressed method. Results in a mild softer soap that you can feel good about using!

Wood Carving – Murray Watson
Gain a deeper understanding of the techniques and tricks used by Murray Watson for his unique and beautiful wood carvings.

Painting in Miniature – Carol Schroeder
Learn special techniques for painting on some of the smallest items you could ever paint on!  Carol Schroeder, long-time market vendor, will demonstrate her tried and true practices.

Rocks & Gems- Reddline Jewelery   (x6)
Bring your own rock collection to the market and have Christopher from Reddline Jewelery identify what types of rocks you have!  Watch unique demonstrations like gemstone cutting, polishing stones, drilling stones to make earrings and wire wrapping using gems and wire.

Breaking Down a Whole Chicken – Zinn Farms
Learn how to piece out a locally-grown whole chicken in five easy steps in order to make four to six economical, family-friendly meals.  Watch the demo, then take home a chicken from Zinn Farms to create your own meals with at home!

Choosing the Right Cut of Meat – Storsley Bison Ranch
Ever feel overwhelmed by all of the different cuts of meat? Garnet Storsley brings knowledge in both bison and beef and will provide an animated overview to educate you about the perfect meat cut for the meal you have planned.

Parts of a Pig – Townsend Farm
Learn every part of the pig and prepare yourself for some super smart pork chop shoppin’!  Watch the farmers of Townsend Farm break down a half pig right before your eyes – learn about each cut as they go, to help you choose the best cut to purchase for your meal!

Cooking Like a [Local] Chef – Karen Peters (Karen Food)
Learn the differences between cooking food and cooking with local ingredients – Chef Karen Peters will show you several recipes that use products from market vendors such as grass-fed beef. Take home recipes with you to go along with your market shopping for the day!

Secrets of the Giant Pumpkin Grower – Milan Lukes (14-year-old grower extraordinaire)
Get the inside scoop on growing giant pumpkins for your own use or for a competition from Milan Lukes, first and second prize winner in the 2015 Manitoba Giant Pumpkin contest!

Grains to Play Dough – Food and Farm Discovery Centre
Children will learn about grains and oilseeds. They will be able to crush canola seeds and grind wheat. They will be able to make their very own play dough  to take home with them.

Parts of an Egg – Food and Farm Discovery Centre
Children will learn all about eggs. They will see the parts of the egg and learn about the function and nutrition of eggs.